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Nigerian Dwarf

We decided it was time for us to start raising Nigerian Dwarfs for several reasons. Besides them having such great personalities, being adorable, bouncy critters, we like their size.....We have always raised full size goats, boers, kikos, LaManchas and even Oberhaslis... It's time for us to start going smaller.... in size not quantity !!!.. smaller means we could have more..

We will still get plenty of goats milk from Nigerians (they are a dairy goat breed). We eventually will need to have more small goats then we had big goats so we can insure to have enough milk to support our goats milk products...  

Nigerians out of all dairy breeds of goats have the highest levels of butterfat, making a very sweet creamy milk which means it also makes very moisturizing goats milk soap!!


our first nigerians born on our farm from 

Kellie x Arlo born 4/17/18

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