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 AGS All-R-Kids ICLN Arl0
DOB: 4/13/17
Nigerian dwarf
black with some white

ADGA: D1922452
AGS: D-90384

Sire: AGS Ivy Creek's Little Noah - AGS : D-83550

       ss: AGS Lost Valley TM BJ *s  AGS  D-79131

       sd: AGS Rollin Hills S Blizzard AGS D-70527

Dam: AGS Carmal Farm Diva Muffin  - AGS: D-63454

      ds: AGS Pocket Size WT Ynot Licorice *S  AGS D-41293

     dd: AGS Carmal Farm Princess Zelda  AGS D-59063

kids sired:
2018- 1 buck, 1 doe blue eyes- Kellie
2019- 1 doe, 1 buck - Cleo
2020 -1 doe, 1 buck- Toffee
2021- 2 bucks, 2 does-Venus

           1 doe, 1 buck- Toffee
2022- 1 doe, 1 buck- Venus
           2 bucks -Toffee
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