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 updated 7-1-23-

      We retired from raising goats..  all goats have been sold. We are still making  products.  We have several freezers full of goats milk to supply us for about 4 years or more.

Our farm store and online store will stay OPEN !!! 


Welcome to our farm,    

 JADA Hill Farm is located in Deposit, NY which is in the western part of the Catskill Mtns., 30 miles south east of Binghamton NY, bordering Susquehanna/Sherman PA. and is owned and operated by John & Dawn Alfano.


*We started raising Nigerian Dwarfs in 2017. Previous to that for 9 years we raised full blood & high 

      percentage boers, kikos, also a few lamanchas and oberhasli to add more milk to support our goats 

      milk soaps and more.... products. Our standard size goats are now retired and will live out their     

      happy lives relaxing on the farm.. We will only be breeding our Nigerian Dwarfs from here on out.


* Our Nigerians are registered ADGA & AGS. We test our herd for CL, CAE & Johnes.


*  Nigerians Dwarfs are a miniature dairy goat breed, which is one reason we decided to raise them. 


* Nigerians have the highest level of butterfat out of all dairy breeds, making the milk so creamy and   

     sweet... also makes for very moisturizing bars of soap!

* We have chickens for egg production.


* We have Honey Bees. We sell our jarred honey in 3 different sizes and also honey sticks


* Visit our farm store which is filled with JADA Hill Farm goats milk soap and creams... healing & pain relieve salves... JADAbaby products, honey and so much more!

* Farm Store hour are:

    Monday - Friday - Closed

    Saturday - Sunday -11am -4pm

    unless otherwise posted on our facebook page


What started as a idea for a change of lifestyle in 2003 had finally become a reality in 2009.

We had "our little cabin in the woods" that we would go to on weekends and for vacations. After a short time, that is when we decided that's where we wanted to be when we retired.

Then our thoughts were " what will we do there." Farming was the first thing that came to our mind......Farming what though....??.. Having been animal lovers it was the first area of farming that we looked into.

We decided on goats, so we spent about 6  years researching, studying, attending  classes, shows, visiting farms and meeting great "goat people" along the way. 

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