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Toffee- SOLD
Mini Minions Toffee
DOB: 3/20/18
Nigerian dwarf 
gold with moonspots
ADGA: D1930745
AGS: D-96725

Sire; One Fine Acre Clark  D1826903
  ss: One Fine Acre Zeus's Thunder D1765188
sd: SGCH One Fine Acre Clarabelle D1638090

Dam: Mini Minions LittleMiss Muffett D1778917
ds: AGS Country Charm Absolom D1726241
dd: Urban Acres PP Say Cheese  D1533102
kidding history:
2020- doe (moonspots), buck - Arlo
2021-doe (moonspots), buck- Arlo
2022- 2 bucks (moonspots)-Arlo
Venus- SOLD
AGS DeBuck's  Homestead F  Venus
DOB: 4/1/18
Nigerian Dwarf
tri colored buckskin
ADGA: D1998217
AGS: D-94318

Sire: AGS Terra Bella SP Ferdinand D-88002H (blue eyes & polled)
  ss: AGS Terra Bella ST Stag Patronus D-79278
  sd: AGS Terra Bella Z Narcissa Malfoy D-79280H

Dam: AGS Freedom Star MM Miss Clara  D-82622 (blue eyes)
  ds: Flat Rock's Magical Maladies D1699707
  dd: Freedom Star NP Cinnamon D1729869

kidding history:
2020- 2 bucks, 1 doe - Marley

2021- quads-2 bucks, 2 does- Arlo
20222- doe, buck,  stillborn-Arlo

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