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Jones Farm DRA Gizmo
DOB: 2/06/18
Nigerian dwarf - polled, blue eyes

ADGA: D1930334P
AGS: D-96724H

Sire: Freedom Star JW Dragonfly -  D1694625P

       ss:Freedom Star Farm Jokers Wild  D1595664

       sd: AGS Freedom Star Butterfly D1651045P

Dam: India Blue Farm Darlin Duchess - D1632125P

      ds: AGS Hay There Barley D1631132P

     dd: AGS Hi-Lo Farm Mokie D1618619

kids sired:
2019- 3 does-all  polled- 1 blue eyes (Kellie)
2020-2 does, 1 buck-all polled, 2 does blue eyes (Kelsey)
2021 -2 bucks- both polled, 1 blue eyes (Kellie)
           1 doe, 1 buck- both polled & blue eyes (Kelsey)
2022- 2 bucks- both polled  (Tater)

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