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#1 crocheted blanket 28" x 34",  $55

      colors are various pinks, purples and blues with a yellow border.

      acrylic yarn


#2 crocheted blanket 36"x34" $62

     colors medium blue, light blue and yellow with medium blue              


      good thickness

       acrylic yarn


#3 crocheted blanket 24" x 24"  $50

      color in a purple variegation- center darker purple and gets                  

      lighter towards the border. picture doesnt do it justice..

       Light and airy 

     100% cotton


#4 crocheted blanket 38" x 44" $90

     variety of vareigated colors- striped,  would go

     with any room decor

     very soft with a nice thickness to it

     acrylic yarn


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