Testimonials about our Goat's Milk Soap

Goats Milk Soap Testimonials:

 Kathleen Livingston- NY : "I have to tell you that I used one of your soaps on my legs. I have blistering on the bottom portion of my legs from systemic scleroderma. It never seems to heal and is very painful. I started gently washing them with your soap and a soft washcloth and they began to heal. So, that is a great testimonial for your product. I had used different ointments and meds with no success."


* Natasha Phillips-NY: "using the soap my skin def isnt as dry as it use to be.. i will be needing more soon.LOVE my Goats Milk Soap..Head on over to Jada Hill Farm,LLC and order some... :) and the smell of the soap is out of this world...mmmmmm yummy!"


* Faith Vandermark - NY: "Visit Jada Hill farm, llc for some goats milk soap !! I love it ..."


* Donna Faiella- NY: Thank you my mail box smelled very nice today !!!  "My skin is softer, does not have that dry appearance. Need to make a lotion."


* Deb Glatz- NY: "Today was first chance I got to use my new Goats Milk Soap. It was wonderful. A clean, light scent. Thanks."


* Lanie Jones- PA: "Visit Jada Hill Farm, LLC. For some Goats Milk Soap... tons of awesome flavors. it's great stuff"


*  Bonnie Winans- NY: :Check out this site. Local people selling local quality products!!!! the folks at Jada Hill Farm, LLC, are personal friends of mine. There is quality in all they do, how they work, laugh, and love. The products available for sale through them will ALWAYS be quality items.


*  Lisa Morales-Amlin-OH: Wonderful Goats Milk soap that Dawn made..... Jada Hill Farm - go to their Facebook page, they have a store and you can buy it just like I did - it's awesome! It lathers beautifully, and feels wonderful on my skin ♥♥♥ Love it!! Thanks!! This bar is Patchouli and in my bathroom right now... ♥  I want everyone to know how awesome your soap is..... and I'm going to tell everyone I know :)~ 

*Lisa Morales-Amlin- OH : Thank you, Dawn! I got the Lemon Lavender soap today.... it smells incredible ♥ And thanks for the sample that smells so good, I want to eat it :)~

*Darlene Warner - NY: LOOOOOVE Jada Hill Farms Sandalwood Vanilla!!

*Jane Provenzan- Fl: Your soaps are amazing.........I particularly love the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Sample............thanks to your goats and you.