**Langston University, Oklahoma

 http://www.luresext.edu/index.htm  Langston University in Oklahoma has an excellent online course. It consist of everything about meat goats. The course has 16 different modules that you need to take a pre-test and then study the module and then take the post test. You then have to take 3 out of 6 elective modules and need to get an 85 or better on all of the post-test in order to pass for certification. If you don't get 85 or better on the post-test you can retake it.

   There is a $25.00 charge at the end if you elect to be certified,  they send you a certificate and they also  e-mail you this Quality Producer logo to use on all your advertising ex. website, business cards or stationary.

    You also can do the course and elect not to be certified.

    The course is excellent and I highly recommend it!!!!  

Certified Meat Goat Quality Producer