Fun Photos

6/12 Adriana, Jayden & Matthew milking  Dandelion

3 pregnant does trying to squeeze into a small pen to get an EMPTY food pan

We were in the Christmas Parade
Dandelion all prettied up

9/7/10...2 kiko's we bought from 

7/11/10...4 boer kids we bought from BOMA BOERS

 trimming a goats hoof at the Sheep & Goat Symposium at Cornell  2009

             rock play ground for our goats


moving huge rock out of the way

Bear walking down our  road 7-09

Johnny pulling stumps out

   putting in an access road to a new field

6/12goats loving the maple leaves

3/28/12our first kids born on the farm

2 legged & 4 legged kids


9/8/10 checking everything out

7/12/10...feeding time

           our dog Zoe thinks she's a goat

  our dogs Thor sitting on log and Nico sitting on rock 

moving rock  into that hole

Johnny tying a rope up in the tree, so we can cut it down

beautiful rainbow!

rolling and vibrating

6/12 Moon Struck & Sunset 

Sugar 3 weeks old

we all had a great time!!!!

9/8/10...they are always together

7/12/10...Sweetheart & Jellybean watching the new girls graze!!!

         this is an upside down rainbow!

moving another log in position for the goats to climb on


Me in the tractor tied to the tree,so I could pull it as Johnny is cutting it down

Nico enjoying the snow and cold weather!

finished road
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