4-5-10 footprint of Barn  28'x30

4-8-10- digging  for foundation.. 
 by George Walker and Johnny
lots of ROCK! 

4/12/10 framed for footings

4/14/10 poured footings

4/15-19/2010 put forms for walls.. figuring  out sleeves for floor drain for Vet room,set piers for overhang

4/23/10 Stripped forms off of walls


5/4-5/ Jim Jones & Bobby Matthews

5/7/10...OSB & Tyvek


5/11/10..Jim & Bobby put floor joist in place while I am building a stone wall around the pier of the overhang, Johnny supervising of course!

5/15/10... roof rafters and collar ties get set in place

closing roof in

5/27/10..8' overhang built

6/3/10...Siding finished

6/10/10...OSB in vet/feed room and barn area

6/22/10... brought in some hay today!!!

6/27/10...Barn being painted



roof and gables ends are done

5/28/10... Windows in & Siding started

6/14/10.. Barn doors being hung

6/22/10... inside of barn is painted.
hung window bars that  we made 

6/28/10...Farm Sign hung up


bars to protect windows from goats
custom made by JADA Hill Farm...will make to custom fit your windows.. contact if interested.


5/28/10...Gregg Gill doing the Electric

6/10/10...insulating vet/feed room

6/14/10... Love the doors

6/22/10...set up pens,hay baskets mineral feeders & pails